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Aerating at least once a year will further guarantee a healthy green lawn. 

Aerating is the process of running a machine with hollow tines across your yard. These tines create thousands of 2 inch deep holes in your lawn's soil. This allows for more air, water, and nutrients to penetrate your soil.  The best times of the year to aerate your lawn is when the soil is moist and the grass is actively growing. Typically the mid to late spring after some rain is best. When the soil is too hard it prevents the tines from penetrating deeply into the soil. A more compact yard may need aerating two times a year.

We provide professional aeration services across North Texas.

Healthy Lawn Aeration Yard Aeration

Key Benefits of our Lawn Aeration Service

There's a long list of benefits that come from routine lawn aeration. It is an important step in enjoying a luscious yard each and every year.

 Improved Air Exchange
 Water Uptake
 Reduced Water Runoff
Stronger Grass Roots
 Increased Heat and Stress Tolerance
 Lowers Soil Compaction
 Fertilizer Uptake
 Thatch Breakdown

Proper aeration will allow you lawns grass to grow deep into the soil.
Aerating before applying herbicides will give you an edge on the weeds trying to germinate.
Our lawn care team uses the best equipment available to ensure that our services are always effective