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Lawn Fertilzation

All Seasons Lawn Care offers a customized approach to lawn fertilization. We design a program that can be from three to
five applications per season. Our smaller programs focus on fertilization or weed control and our Signature Program is five
applications which consists of three Pre-emergent and four Fertilizer treatments that addresses crab grass, other grassy
weeds, fertilization, and overall health of the lawn.

Lawn Fertilization Treatment


1st Application: Late Jan/Feb - Pre-emergent with limited fertilizer

This treatment provides pre-emergent control of Crabgrass and 12 other annual grassy weeds. Also provides 7% potash
for stronger roots and hardiness for quick spring green up. During each visit our technicians evaluate your lawn for
potential insect and disease issues.

2nd Application: April - Balanced Premium Fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control

This treatment provides the balanced nutrients, including iron, needed to help green lawns when outside temperatures
are cool. Treatment also contains another pre-emergent application to aid in controlling broadleaf weeds.

3rd Application: June - Balanced Premium Fertilizer summer 1st treatment

This treatment is a slow-released, balanced, nitrogen-based fertilizer to help improve color and heat resistance for your
lawn. The advantage of a slow release product is it provides uniform grass growth and is less likely to burn the lawn.

4th Application: August - Balanced Premium Fertilizer summer 2nd treatment

Same detail as 3rd application in June.

5th Application: Late Oct/Nov – Balance Premium Fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control

This treatment is the most important fertilizer application you will receive. It is a slow release balanced nitrogen-based
fertilizer that will stimulate root development for winter. Treatment also contains a pre-emergent application to prevent
the weeds that we experience between February and March. Depending on your lawns condition, Post-emergent
applications are included, as needed, throughout the year.

Additional Services

Post-emergent application - Based on weed condition prior to initial program, an additional treatment may be
required which is not included in signature program

Fire Ant - Optional Program with one to three treatments per year

Aerating - Treatment needed if you have compacted, poor or clay soil or soil that's been impacted by heavy
equipment or heavy traffic areas. Preventative treatments should be done at least every other year. Aerating
makes the grass more receptive to fertilizer and weed treatments, builds stronger roots, makes the grass more
tolerant to extreme temperatures and conditions, and decrease water runoff

Grub & insect control - If needed one preventive treatment in March is typical

Soil Samples - Client will receive an analysis report that provides a summary of the soil’s pH, nitrogen,
phosphorous and potassium levels

Lime Treatments - If needed lime raises the pH level and can help improve the appearance of the grass. It is
typically applied in Spring or fall. Application price varies based on lime requirements per 1,000 sq. ft.

Turf Nutrient Program - Fertilization and Weed Prevention